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Career Guidance
Short version

For those who have slight doubts or are in a hurry: 4 steps to find their dream career
Intake interview

You will start with an interview with a Professional Career Coach, expert in Career Guidance, in which we are going to concentrate on getting to know you better and help you think deeper about yourself.
Duration: aprox.1 Hour


As you take our assessments, you will get to know yourself better in the following aspects.
-Your skills and aptitudes
-Your academic, professional and leisure time interests
-Your personal traits
-Your personal context
Duration: Aprox. 3 to 4 Hours


In your results interview you will know and understand your personal profile better. We guide you about the career paths that could fit your profile better. If you attend with your parents or guardians, we could explore the support options you've got and together we could trace a good roadmap to go forward!
Duration: Aprox. 1 1/2 hour

Follow-up interview

When you are ready with your explorations and (hopefully) before you take your final decision, you have your follow-up interview, in which we include and discuss your findings, helping you to sort out the information you gathered about your options, so you can take your best decision to embark in your dream career. Duration: Aprox. 30 minutes


Career Guidance
Extended version

This program is adressed to those who want to take their time and go deeper: 7 steps to find your dream career

Intake interview

Intake interview, first step, in which we set the foundations for the rest of the route; we get to know each other and we set your goals for this journey.

Module Abilities and skills (Assessments + workshop):

In this second step you will explore your abilities in different forms (assessments, interviews, parental enquiries); at the workshop we will put all this information together and link them to possible future paths.

Module Interests (Assessments + workshop):

In this third step you will explore deeply upon your interests (academic, work oriented, leisure time), again, to link them to future possible paths.

Module Personality (Assessments ​+ workshop):

In this fourth step you will get to be much more aware of yourself, specially of your social-emotional abilities (that means, your way to relate to yourself and others) and you will again, link this knowledge to future career paths.

Module Lifedesign (Workshop):

In this fifth step you will have the chance to start giving a form to your dream career. You will visualize how you would like to live further on, including the various roles you might have in the future, including family, personal and financial aspects.

Integration of the information:

In this sixth step we'll integrate all the gathered information to approach a final form, learning how to elaborate viable plans of action.

Share the results with your parents or guardians:

In this seventh step we can share your conclusions with your parents or guardians or who else cares for you and you will get some more recommendations.

2 follow-up sessions:

We will accompany you a little further until you feel comfortable with your decision.


Career Coaching

(Your personal profile)

You already have a career, but don´t feel very satisfied and are looking for a change.

This program is designed for adult people who have already completed a degree or professional training and may have gone quite a way, but want to introduce a change and keep looking for your dream career.

What is included:

Intake interview

Intake interview, in which we get to know each other, we precise the reach of your program and set your goals. We'll make agreements for our journey toghether.

Career assessments (Rational and emotional intelligence, Skills)

In this phase you will answer a series of assessments that will help us see a broader picture of your potential, your experiences, your talents and your limitations.

Feedback on your results:

You will get to know the outcomes of your assessments and we will set up a personal development plan to enhance your profile.

Feedback about your resumé:

You will also get feedback on your resumé and specific hints to enhance your chances to build a strong personal marketing tool.

Follow up session:

To strengthen your decisions and clear other doubts about your next steps!


Group Career Guidance

If you have the responsibility to deliver career services to a group and want to know about an efficient and effective tool: We’ve got something for you (Spanish only!)

High-School, 10th grade (Sophomore)

This program starts with a workshop adressed to parents and students, in which they can express their mutual expectations and fears towards their careers.

It continues with a short initial career assessment, that evidences the first tendencies in the students' interests and abilities.

In a third gathering we deliver a workshop, in which we integrate the results and the information and expand their knowledges about possible future career paths.

High-School, Grades 11 and 12 (Junior/Senior Year)

Addressed to adolescents during their last two years of High School. We offer a comprehensive assessment, that starts with a meeting including parents and students and continues with the exploration of seven different career relevant aspects:

-Academic achievements
-Professional interests
-Academic interests
-Leisure time interests
-Personality traits
-Psico-social context


The results can be delivered in group form or individually, including the students and their parents or guardians.

Everyone receives a single and complete digital report, that integrates all the information, conclusions and recommendations about possible career paths.

Group statistics are also available.

Everything is done online. (This program is only available in Spanish!)

Client Success Stories

What Our Customers Say About Orientarte's Career Coaching Services

Katy P
Katy P

I decided to have career coaching because I was feeling stuck in my current job and wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. My coach from Orientarte helped me explore my options, identify my strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan for achieving my career goals.

Kevin S
Kevin S

I've always struggled with confidence in my career, so I decided to invest in career coaching to help me build my self-esteem and develop the skills I need to succeed. Orientarte provided me with personalized feedback and advice, as well as practical tools and resources to help me overcome my challenges.

Carlos V
Carlos V

After several years in the same industry, I wanted to make a change but didn't know how to go about it. Career coaching gave me the clarity and direction I needed to make a successful transition to a new field. Orientarte helped me identify my transferable skills, develop a strong resume and cover letter, and prepare for job interviews.

Mary S
Mary S

I'm an entrepreneur and wanted to take my business to the next level. I decided to have career coaching to help me identify growth opportunities, develop a strategic plan, and overcome any obstacles that might be holding me back. My coach provided me with valuable insights and perspectives, as well as practical tools and resources to help me achieve my goals.

Luis B
Luis B

I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed in my current job, and knew that I needed to make a change. Career coaching helped me explore my options, identify my priorities, and develop a plan for achieving work-life balance and job satisfaction. Orientarte provided me with support and guidance every step of the way, and helped me stay accountable to my commitments.

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