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Creating Your Next Chapter: Expert Strategies for Career Transitions and Personal Growth

Career coaching can help individuals gain clarity on their career goals and aspirations, as well as identify potential roadblocks or challenges that may be holding them back.
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Unique integration of 7 dimensions

*Aptitudes (cognitive potential) *academic performance *professional interests *academic interests *leisure interests *emotional intelligence *psychosocial context.

Personalized service

Combination of assessments and interviews

Parents are included in the process

Applicable from anywhere

Development plan to improve personal aspects

23 years of experience and more than 15k individuals evaluated.

A Specialist's Guide to Transitioning with Confidence

Our service aims to provide parents with peace of mind by helping their children achieve personal and professional fulfillment. By providing comprehensive career guidance services, we can help your child gain clarity about their strengths, interests, and values, and develop a plan to achieve their career aspirations. Our approach is designed to increase your child’s motivation and focus, and help them feel fulfilled and satisfied with their career choices.


Our Comprehensive Career Coaching Services

Career Guidance

For those finishing High School who have doubts or are undecided about what career path to follow. Short and Extended Version.

Career Coaching

For those who have finished a degree and want to step into work life or make significant changes of direction in their careers.

Group Career Guidance

For you that have the responsibility to deliver career services to a group and want to know about an efficient and effective tool.

Client Success Stories

What Our Customers Say About Orientarte's Career Coaching Services

Katy P
Katy P

I decided to have career coaching because I was feeling stuck in my current job and wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. My coach from Orientarte helped me explore my options, identify my strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan for achieving my career goals.

Kevin S
Kevin S

I've always struggled with confidence in my career, so I decided to invest in career coaching to help me build my self-esteem and develop the skills I need to succeed. Orientarte provided me with personalized feedback and advice, as well as practical tools and resources to help me overcome my challenges.

Carlos V
Carlos V

After several years in the same industry, I wanted to make a change but didn't know how to go about it. Career coaching gave me the clarity and direction I needed to make a successful transition to a new field. Orientarte helped me identify my transferable skills, develop a strong resume and cover letter, and prepare for job interviews.

Mary S
Mary S

I'm an entrepreneur and wanted to take my business to the next level. I decided to have career coaching to help me identify growth opportunities, develop a strategic plan, and overcome any obstacles that might be holding me back. My coach provided me with valuable insights and perspectives, as well as practical tools and resources to help me achieve my goals.

Luis B
Luis B

I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed in my current job, and knew that I needed to make a change. Career coaching helped me explore my options, identify my priorities, and develop a plan for achieving work-life balance and job satisfaction. Orientarte provided me with support and guidance every step of the way, and helped me stay accountable to my commitments.

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